10 Apr 14 at 11 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker dont hate me, but I've seen him on Instagram through Alan, but who exactly is Justin? Like is he in a band? What does he do?:3

Justin is a tech guy for bands mostly of mice and men. He sets up the stage with the instruments and after packs then away. Also if there’s any tech problems during a set he has to fix them.

26 Jun 12 at 1 am

Asked by Anonymous

asker do you know what justin's chest tattoo says?

Why anon!? It says _ _ _ _ _ point thieves it looks like the first word is knife hahaa I honestly don’t know. I’ll ask at warped.

10 Jun 12 at 2 pm

It’s great to see that people actually do know who Justin Trotta is. Thanks again for all the follows..and make sure to catch Justin on this years Vans Warped tour. Take pictures of him and submit!!! Happy Sunday to all.

25 May 12 at 12 am

Asked by Anonymous

asker do you know how old justin trotta is?

No clue but I’ll ask him. Pretty sure around 24.

06 Apr 12 at 12 am

Look at him [:

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Look at him [: